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Club Penguin Times Issue #560

The Club Penguin Times Issue #560 was released on November 2nd. Apologies for it being so late!

The first article is about the Penguin Band returning and the Music Jam beginning.


The second article is an apology from Rookie for his Halloween acts.


And here are the upcoming events:


November 17/18 (Already released as of post)

  • New Club Penguin Times
  • New pin hidden

Quests are also being released throughout the Music Jam.

In this issue, Ask Aunt Arctic is replaced with Ask PH instead. A penguin asks if Chicken Puffles are real. The Puffle Handler responds explaining Garianna’s magic potions during the Medieval Party in September 2013, which turned penguins into Chicken Puffles. She then says she doesn’t expect to find Chicken Puffles soon, but it’s a possibility.

Like always, this issue also includes Fan Art, a news flash, jokes, and a Puffle Rescue Key article as an island secret.

The next newspaper issue was released on November 17th. The post is on it’s way!

Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary Party – Party Hat, Reunion, Yearbook

Today is Monday, October 24, 2016. That means it is Club Penguin’s 11th birthday. The 11th anniversary. 11 years. What started out as a little game back in 2005, it has grown to what it is today.

This small party started on Wednesday, October 19th. Now, it is nothing like last year, because last year’s 10th Anniversary was a special milestone. However, the Coffee Shop is completely decorated for this occasion like every year with a giant cake, a collectors item Party Hat, and the new yearbook reviewing this past year on Club Penguin. The Town is also slightly decorated. The decorations are similar to the 7th (2012) and the 9th (2014) anniversaries.

Aunt Arctic will appear when you log on. You can pick up the 11th Anniversary Hat right here, in the Coffee Shop, or in the Halloween interface. You can also receive the 11th Anniversary Background or get it in the Halloween interface later on. I kind of would have liked the classic party hat design rather than the pom-pom style, but oh well. The colors are yellow, red, and orange.



Here is what it looks like in the Halloween interface:


I logged on right during the Club Penguin Reunion Party hosted by the community. I saw a few Club Penguin workers, including Megg.






And the server Marshmallow was jam packed as well as most of the rooms being completely full!


Before logging off, be sure to check out the yearbook next to the cake on the table. There are no pins hidden in it like other yearbooks. It has also yet to be added to the Bookshelf.


The blowing out the candles stamp is unavailable since the candles can’t be blown out, but I do like how the candle flames are animated, as at some anniversaries they weren’t.

Aunt Arctic is also having one special visit for the anniversary at 10:00am PST on the server Sherbet.

Log on soon because the party is only here for two weeks and ends November 2nd along with the Halloween Party! Although, two weeks seems like a very long time compared to the old 1 day only anniversary parties. :P

Happy 11th Anniversary, Club Penguin!

New Pin Hidden – Rubber Ducky Pin!

THREE weeks have passed and another new pin is hidden on the island. The new pin is called the Rubber Ducky Pin. It can be found at the School.



The last pin to be hidden at the School was the Descendants Pin in September 2015.

No Halloween pins this year…

Club Penguin Times Issue #559

The Club Penguin Times Issue #559 was released on October 19, THREE weeks from the previous issue.

The first article are interviews with monsters about their styles, conducted by Dot.



The second article is about Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary from Aunt Arctic, which is TODAY by the way.


And here are the upcoming events:


October 24 (Today)

  • Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary!
  • Club Penguin Reunion Party
  • Special Island Insider Anniversary Episode

(October 27/28 has no updates)

October 31

  • Happy Halloween!

November 3/4

  • Music Jam Begins
  • New Penguin Style Catalog
  • New Furniture & Igloo Catalog
  • New Igloo Music
  • New Club Penguin Times
  • New pin hidden
  • Halloween Party Ends

This week in Ask Aunt Arctic, a penguin asks when did Gary make his first invention. Aunt Arctic responds saying he began inventing when he started school. An early invention of his was the “Fountain Pen 200” which actually had ink sprayed out as a fountain all over the classroom.

Like always, this issue also includes Fan Art, a news flash, jokes, and Musical Instruments by Franky as an island secret.

The next newspaper issue will be released on November 3.

Minor Club Penguin Updates/Bugs

When the Halloween Party was released, most of Club Penguin was updated. Here’s some things I noticed.

Places like the Coffee Shop and Book Room do not appear dark outside.



Your igloo does not have a night and stormy sky either, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Also, do you like my Halloween decorations? :P


Moving on, there is an overlapping error at the Pizza Parlor. This existed last year, too.


And the homepage and login screen have been updated for October and the party. Not sure why the Coffee Shop is in its regular state in the image…which by the way we haven’t seen the Town like that since May.



Some other things I noticed:

  • The fountain at the Snow Forts was removed when the candies appeared in the room. This is probably a bug due to last year, where the Puffle Handler’s robot stage was set up and the foutain had to be removed.
  • When you exit the Puffle Wild, you enter the Ski Village, however you are meant to enter the Ski Lodge.

That’s about it!

Ice Rink Returns and New Snow & Sports Catalog

When the Halloween Party was released, Club Penguin also brought back the Ice Rink at the Stadium for the seasonal change. It’s also decorated for Halloween as it was last year.



The Snow & Sports Catalog has also been updated with winter sports items. Nothing new here, but below are all the newly added pages.











Have fun on the ice!

New Pin Hidden – CP Decal Pin!

Way back on September 28, Club Penguin hid a new pin. The new pin was called the CP Decal Pin, and was located in the Book Room. It looks like the decals on the old Letterman Jackets and the team banners furniture items.



The last pin to be hidden in the Book Room was the Issue 500 Pin in May 2015.