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New Penguin Style Catalog – October 2016

A new edition of the Penguin Style has hit the Clothes Shop for the 10th time this year on September 28. As per tradition, Club Penguin has rolled out all of their Halloween costumes just like they do around this time of year, every year.

So this month’s theme is all about HALLOWEEN!


Here are the added pages:








The Penguins at Work October edition is the graveyard digger, which includes The Grim, Spectacles, the Grey Shovel, and the Gravedigger Suit. All have the items have appeared each October since their debut in 2012, except 2014.


And finally, backgrounds:


Here’s some information on the backgrounds – The Spooky Trees Background was last seen in the Penguin Style of October 2009 and the Scarlet Leaves Background is from the Penguin Style of November 2010. The Pumpkin Background was originally a prize for completing the Candy Hunt in the Halloween Party 2009 but has since returned in 2011, 2012, and 2015 in the October Penguin Style Catalogs. The Candy Forest Path Background was last released as a prize for the Candy Hunt at the Halloween Party 2010 where it debuted. I like how Club Penguin consistently mixes up their background selection every catalog.

What do you think?

Club Penguin Times Issue #558

The Club Penguin Times Issue #558 was released way back on September 28th.

The first article announces the Halloween Party has come to the island early.


The first paragraph below I actually thought was funny. :P


The second article is giving best wishes to Anna and a Frozen Party review.


And here are the upcoming events:


(October 6/7 and 13/14 had no updates)

October 20/21 (Already released as of this post)

  • 11th Anniversary Party
  • 2015-2016 Yearbook
  • New Club Penguin Times
  • New pin hidden

October 24

  • Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary/Club Penguin Reunion Party
  • Special Island Insider Anniversary Episode

New candy hunts are also being released during the Halloween Party until the 29th.

This week in Ask Aunt Arctic, a penguin asks if there are missions available to play. Aunt Arctic responds in unusual code, which you can read below. According to the Twitter community, it actually says,

Agent Kyababy!

Agent G has made classic missions available on VR at EPF HQ

Strange. Thanks @oddjoe!


Like always, this issue also includes Fan Art, a news flash, jokes, and The Boiler Room tips as an island secret. I would also just like to point out a spacing error in the joke section:


The next newspaper issue was released on October 20. The post is coming soon!

I Have Returned!

Hey everyone,

It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. I’ve been busy with school amongst other things, but I’m back now and ready to post starting right now!

Stay tuned for updates.

Blog – Throwback Thursday: Way Back When…

Last Thursday, Megg posted a rather interesting backstory of some Club Penguin events in years past. She mentioned Fluffy the Fish, the Lighthouse telescope, the first Club Penguin Times (then called The Penguin Times), and the Western Party of July 2006. Here is the complete post:

Hi penguins,

If there was a Club Penguin history class in school, I’d have had an A+++. Take a seat because Miss Megg’s class is in now in session!

Fluffy the Fish: In the back of the first Penguin Style catalog there was a picture of Fluffy with the words “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?” Fluffy has since been seen all over the island, most notably on a plaque in the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Telescope: Now and then Rockhopper’s ship has been seen through the telescope returning home… even when it’s thieving crabs steering it!

The Club Penguin Times: Issue #1 of the island’s newspaper hit on October 24, 2005. Three days later the first blog entry was made by… not me! It was written by the famous penguin, Happy77.

Western Party: Bet you didn’t know this was a thing! A short-lived cowboy craze in July of 2006 took Club Penguin by storm before disappearing forever. The Dance Club was turned into a barn, complete with hay, pitchforks, barrels, and wagon wheels. It was a different time…

And that’s only SOME of the history on Club Penguin. What would you like to learn about? Let us know in the comments!


-Club Penguin Team

There are a few comments I would like to address on this post:

  1. The Lighthouse picture is before the Music Catalog was added.
  2. The Lighthouse Telescope isn’t even updated nowadays because Rockhopper teleports to the island apparently.
  3. At first, Megg said the first blog post was written by Polo Field, even though he had yet to join Club Penguin. She fixed it to Happy77 later.
  4. This is the most odd thing of all, I have no idea how this happened. Compare the image above with an image from actually during the Western Party 2006. You’ll immediately notice a few differences. The saddle on top of the left speaker instead of behind it and the pennants continuing over the hay alcove instead of stopping are probably just in-game overlapping errors that were never fixed, but appear correct on the SWF. So that I understand. What I don’t understand is that in the original party, there was a horseshoe on the door and a wooden dance floor with the spotlight shining on it. In this blog post image, it is the normal dance floor (no spotlight) and the everyday star on the door. I have no idea how this could have happened. Here is an original picture from July 2006:

Also, Megg says the party never came back. It actually did, in November 2007. It won in a party vote – the Western Party, Sports Party, or the Pirate Party. The Western Party won and even had some brand new decorated rooms. Now, maybe it’s not technically considered an official Western Party because it was called the Surprise Party.

Whatever. Oh, and the Halloween Party starts tomorrow! Be here for the latest information.

Club Penguin Upcoming Events Section My Way!

So, I’ve been disappointed with the way Club Penguin has been doing their upcoming events section in the Club Penguin Times. It’s very bland and they don’t even include all the updates. They also make many mistakes almost every newspaper issue. I worked on my own rendering on how I would do it. I included pictures with each update listing just as Club Penguin did from 2008-2010. Click to see it in the full size.


What do you think? Should I do more?

Club Penguin New September Homepage Slide

This was probably added two weeks ago when Club Penguin updated August 31st, but I didn’t notice it until now. There is a new homepage slide advertising the new September editions of the Penguin Style Catalog and Furniture & Igloo Catalog.


In related news, Club Penguin didn’t update the two boxes underneath the slides like they usually do every month.

New Pin Hidden – Argyle Pattern Pin!

Two weeks have passed and another new pin is hidden on the island! The new pin is the Argyle Pattern Pin. You’ll find it at the Clothes Shop, formerly the Gift Shop. It looks like a stamp!



The last pin to be hidden at the Clothes Shop was the Imperial Pin in January-February 2015. It is only the 4th pin to be hidden in this room, following the Soccer Ball Pin, Tropical Bird Pin, and the Imperial Pin.