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Top 5 Club Penguin One-Timer Parties

With Club Penguin Island now closed along with the classic, I think this is a time to reflect on Club Penguin throughout the years.

These are the top five parties that occurred on Club Penguin only once, in my opinion of course.

5. Camp Penguin (August 24-27, 2007)

This was a very nice, simple party. To end the summer, in late August Club Penguin held this four day party. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to have a good time, and ended up being the only one of it’s kind.

4. Penguin Games (August 22-26, 2008)

This was a very unique, interactive party the team created to coincide the 2008 Summer Olympics. Many rooms were decorated, and you had to complete three Olympic events to earn your medal. This included a marathon, swimming laps at the Cave, and a three lap event at the Iceberg. I consider this different than the Sports Party 2006.

3. Operation: Blackout (November 14-December 6, 2012)

This party was epic, to put it simply. It included Herbert trying to steal the sunlight with his laser for himself, while the island was increasingly getting darker every week and covered in mounds of snow as temperatures fell. Herbert also kidnapped EPF agents, destroyed the EPF HQ, and set the Everyday Phoning Facility on FIRE. Players had to solve new puzzle tasks each day to stop Herbert as the Director gave instructions. Plus, it was the first time Herbert was meetable. In the end, the Director was revealed to be Aunt Arctic.

This party was a massive project that had been hyped for over a year, and the hype was well deserved. It is also considered the turning point of old and new Club Penguin somewhat, at least for me and some others. Following the operation, many main rooms were redesigned and Club Penguin drastically changed in 2013. Billybob had also left Club Penguin in October 2012.

2. Festival of Flight (August 14-20, 2009)

What’s with all the good parties in August? This party was certainly one of a kind. Gary wanted to repair the windows in the Cave, but didn’t want it to flood. So, the island became airborne! Players could also travel to the Tallest Mountain by a Hot Air Balloon Ride. It was very cool party, and that’s why it’s at number two!

1. Submarine Party (February 15-22, 2008)

This party was AMAZING. So much work was put into this party, and it shows. This party was held for the Aqua Grabber being released, as Rockhopper crashed his ship and needed some device to salvage up the ship pieces. It was so nautical, and colorful, and the decorations were only seen this one time, which makes it that much more special. The Night Club was literally an underwater sunken ship! This is why it’s my number one on the top five Club Penguin one-timer parties. The game was truly on top of the world at the time.

Just a reminder these are all in my opinion. What are your favorite one-timer parties?

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