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Club Penguin Final Day Reflection

For almost two months now, we knew we had a limited time before Club Penguin was gone.

Now that day is here.

Tomorrow is the last full day on Club Penguin. Last time this game was completely shut down (and only time to my knowledge) was the Club Penguin Improvement Project in April 2008 for one day when the homepage and many in-game features were revamped. Everyone was upset about that one day closure. Now it’s closing for good.

At exactly 12:01 am Penguin Standard Time (PST) on Thursday, March 30, 2017, Club Penguin will start to take down it’s servers. This is 3:01 am Eastern, 12:01 am Pacific Time. According to a blog comment response by Megg, they won’t all be taken down immediately, but that is when the process will begin. I’d expect all servers to be down by 1:00 am PST and be all but silent and locked up. If you are on during these late hours, which I’m sure true fans will be, you will receive a lost connection message box. It has already been updated since last week, and says something along the lines of thanking you for playing.

At one time, about 2008-2010, I thought to myself what would I do without Club Penguin. Sadly, I have grown and that is not necessarily the case anymore. It is also a good thing though, because if I was still in love with the game as I once was then I’d have a hard time letting it go now. This closure is sad for me, but not as sad if it was my nine year old self. I will always treasure those heydays of Club Penguin though when I was basically on it every day. It was apart of my childhood.

Onto some less depressing news, starting tonight, March 29th at 12:01 am PST, and up until Club Penguin closes at 12:01 am March 30th, EVERYONE will have unlimited Club Penguin access with free memberships! That means you can see your saved igloos from years ago, wear your favorite member clothes, and play unlimited mini-game levels – all one last time. Although it should have been the last month or something.

Say goodbye to your puffles. Say goodbye to your buddies. Say goodbye to everything on this game we have known for the past 11 and a half years. This is your last chance. It may be hard for some to not shed a tear, but Club Penguin is still continuing on Club Penguin Island and there’s free membership tomorrow!

This game has gone through many changes in it’s history, but one things for sure – it’s always been a little game we called…

Club Penguin.

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