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Club Penguin Years – Ranked!

There were a total of 11 full years on Club Penguin. Here are the best, and here the worst – all in my opinion. 2005 and 2017 are not included due to not being full years of Club Penguin. I will present the years from worst to best.

11. 2016

Alright, so the last full year of Club Penguin. Not good at all. Awful catalogs, two month long parties, repetitiveness, laziness, buggy – simply awful. It hurts for me to say these things about 2016 but many will agree it was one, if not the worst of Club Penguin. The game was in a complete demise at this point, and the team was mainly working on Club Penguin Island instead of the classic, the original game that they planned on throwing in the trash. And it all turned out to be pretty much a waste of time as CPI has now shut it’s doors. Ah well. But yes, if you ever ask me, 2016 was the worst year on Club Penguin. To be fair, the first half did alright, but the seven week long Zootopia Party and the two month long Frozen Party exactly the same as previous parties did it for me.

10. 2014

Yeah, 2014…not so much. I will say though the newly brought back Fair was really amazing and a lot of fun. The Puffle Party was also new, and the Pirate Party was good. Nothing else really clicked though. The Muppets World Tour was just a money grabber and the Music Jam was nothing like the former. This year also brought the first Frozen Party. And last but not least, Club Penguin got rid of the Holiday Party in favor of Merry Walrus. “It’s his name and his catchphrase!” The new dog and cat puffles were also introduced this year, as well as igloo backyards. Eh.

9. 2015

2015 was not that better, but is a notch of 2014. This year brought the second Frozen Party, almost exact same Fair, and the Descendants Party which had two rooms decorated in September. Also, in July 2015, the catalogs were switched to image based, rendering no more hidden items in catalogs. To be fair though, CP was still trying at the time. The Halloween Party robot story was unique, the Holiday Party was brought back, the Festival of Snow was very nice, as well as the Fashion Festival. This year also had the 10th Anniversary Party which showcased parties of Club Penguin’s past, which was very cool.

8. 2013

2013 I believe was the first real year of the ‘new’ Club Penguin, with newly designed rooms and new penguin artwork. However, it wasn’t too bad. The Prehistoric Party was 100% original to the game, as well as the Hollywood Party, Operation Puffle, and a revamped version of the Medieval Party. The Puffle Hotel also came out this year, as well as the Rainbow Puffle and the Gold Puffle. Plus, Card-Jitsu Snow was released, an in-game EPF mission happened, and the School took over the Recycling Plant. The summer of sponsored parties was not my thing though. There were four sponsored parties in a five month stretch.

7. 2012

2012 was definitely interesting. It brought the first sponsored party to Club Penguin, the Marvel Superhero Takeover in June, which I did enjoy. I did not enjoy however, the new version of the Music Jam which was a plug for Disney. 2012 also had the last original Fair and last April Fools Party. The year also started out very strong, with the Underwater Expedition and Rockhopper’s Quest. What stands out for me this year though is the Puffle Party, Operation: Blackout, the mansion at the Halloween Party, and the Medieval Party. Those were really, really good parties Club Penguin released that year.

6. 2010

So, yes, this may surprise some people. 2010 just didn’t cut it for me. For me, I always refer it to a rehash year. The Puffle Party, Medieval Party, Music Jam, The Fair, Halloween Party, and Holiday Party were almost exactly like year’s past, with the addition of new party rooms to use as their main advertising. I’m not sure why this happened, but to me 2010 was an alright year where not much work was put into parties. From the top of my head, what did happen was the Orange Puffle being released, Card-Jitsu Water coming out, the event at the Stadium for CP Game Day on the Wii, and the newspaper being redesigned. As for parties that were good, the April Fools Party saw some new things, and the 5th Anniversary Party saw some cool decorations. Parties that stand out to me though are the Island Adventure Party, Penguin Play Awards, the Mountain Expedition, and the rain storm in November. 2010 also saw the caves released and Puffle Rescue, as well as stamps. I almost forgot to mention that 2010 was a big year in May when the EPF took over the PSA and the last mission was released with the popcorn explosion. The Sports Shop also closed in favor of the Everyday Phoning Facility and new EPF HQ. So yes, that was probably the biggest thing of 2010.

5. 2011

2011 started off pretty slow. The Wilderness Expedition with the Brown Puffle was very good, but the Puffle Party, April Fools Party (besides the dimensions), and Music Jam were more or less the same. In March, Puffle Rescue and Bits & Bolts came out along with the first batch of redesigned rooms, as well as new Puffle player cards. The Medieval Party also featured battling hydras which Herbert later used in the month to attack the EPF. However, what stands out to me though is the second half of 2011. The Fair was amazing, to simply put it. The decorations were completely revamped and they put a ton of work into it. Same with the Halloween Party and the Holiday Party. The Card-Jitsu Party was also brand new and island-wide. I enjoyed the latter half of 2011 very much, and this was the last full year without sponsored parties. Its also worth mentioning the new Friends List came out this year…yuck.

4. 2006

So, yes, 2006. This is the only year on this list that I did not play Club Penguin. However, over many years I have looked at images, parties, catalogs, and newspapers to have a sense of what’s going on. I will never completely get the feel for this year though. It’s unfair to put this on the list, but it has to be done. Club Penguin was still new and growing during this year and was still extremely basic. New mini games were being released everywhere, new rooms, the first real parties like Halloween and Christmas. Rockhopper also came for the first time in October. It was growing, and that’s why it has the advantage at number 4.

3. 2007

It was hard to decide where to put 2007. But I decided here would be best. It was a very great year for Club Penguin. Pretty much every party was brand new because it was only the second year. Club Penguin got the hang of what it was supposed to do by now, and it did it well. The summer trifecta was really good this year; Summer Party, Water Party, and Camping Party. The Fall Fair was also brand new, as well as the Festival of Snow and some others. The PSA was also very active these days, and the whole community in general. Disney also bought Club Penguin on August 1, 2007.

2. 2009

Yup, 2009 is the second best. Where do I start? New Puffle Party, White Puffle, last Winter Fiesta, last and best St. Patrick’s Day Party, amazing April Fools, first and unique Adventure Party, first Penguin Play Awards, revamped Music Jam, the one and only Festival of Flight, Night of the Living Sled 3 and the Mansion, Card-Jitsu Fire, and completely new Holiday Party. Such a great and memorable year where Club Penguin still cared. That’s kind of all I have to say.

1. 2008

This will always be my number one choice. 2008. First full year owned by Disney so Club Penguin could do things they never could do before. The parties were AMAZING. Some of my favorites are the Submarine Party, April Fool’s Day Party, Pirate Party, Medieval Party (new+original), Water Party, Music Jam (new+original), Penguin Games (new+original), 3rd Anniversary Party, Dig Out the Dojo, and the Christmas Party. So, practically ALL OF THEM. The pins were small and cleverly hidden. We saw Rockhopper crash and salvage his pieces with the Aqua Grabber and rebuild his ship. We saw the Club Penguin Improvement Project where everybody turned into green puffles. We saw amazing Club Penguin Times issues that we used to look forward to reading the thoughtful pages every week. We saw new items in catalogs every month. We saw ninjas revealed and Card-Jitsu released. We saw Club Penguin toys come out as well as books and other real life products. We saw the PSA release four missions. We saw Club Penguin have an EARTHQUAKE. We saw Rockhopper come very frequently and Gary became meetable. We saw a ton of new Stage plays and costumes. We saw the Captain’s Quarters and played Treasure Hunt for the first time. We saw igloo backgrounds, new player cards, new server selection, and a new postcard system. I could go on, and on, and on.

What a great year for Club Penguin. They were on top of their game at the time, literally. So much work was put into Club Penguin in 2008. The staff truly cared at the time, and we didn’t realize until later on how great the game was back then. Those were definitely the heydays of Club Penguin, and at the time had a million accounts and almost all servers were full. It’s sad to know they’ll probably be gone forever.

What do you think of my list or where would you rate the years?

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