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Halloween Maze Released!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today, Rocketsnail has completed the very first party on Box Critters, the Halloween Party 2019. The Tavern has been decorated since October 20, but today a maze was released. Enter the Tavern to get started and go to the portal on the left.

This is the maze entrance. A map is on the right if you can even see it that small.

Here’s the maze…

…and here’s the map with answers. Unlike Club Penguin mazes, like the Great Snow Maze of 2009, this is all one room with a moving screen, whereas in Club Penguin it had separate rooms.

I really like the classic decorations throughout the maze!

Eventually you will reach the finish. Enter if you dare!

Inside you can collect your Ghost Sheet, which is the first item obtained without typing a code.

Just one more thing to say…

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