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Club Penguin Island Ready to Close

Well then, hello everybody. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all US readers.

It’s been a bit over a year and a half since you last heard from me. After Club Penguin closed, I moved on with my life and had no more desire for any reincarnations of Club Penguin. Club Penguin in those last few years were really bad anyways, in my opinion. It contained repetition, no creativity, sponsorships everywhere, and a really bad chat filter. They really let it go downhill from 2013 to the end. 2013-2014 were alright, but 2015-2017 was just awful. It’s a shame.

This may be because the Club Penguin team was working so hard on Club Penguin Island. It was in development since at least 2015 and they spent so much time making teasers, blog posts, and committing most of their time to that. It opened on March 29, 2017; the same day Club Penguin closed. (I know I said I’d make a post, but oh well.) A year and a half later, CPI announces it will be closed for good.

Is it fair to call the game an utter failure? Not necessarily. But perhaps.

I was pretty surprised by this news that came out in late September. I thought it would at least go for five years or so. Yet here we are 20 months later.

I only played the game when it first came out, naturally, like everyone else did who was curious. It wasn’t my style, plus I was out of the range of their key age of players. It was time to move on. I still sometimes miss the old days of classic Club Penguin from time to time. It was a very big part of my childhood from 2007-2012. After that, not as much.

It’s a shame that this has happened though. Actually, I think it is safe to say that it was a pretty big failure. It’s awful that all these employees will be laid off right before Christmas.

I‘m not really sure what went wrong. Not enough players? Too much work for the 3D? They think it went on long enough? Too many bugs and glitches? We may never know the real reason.

Their blog is making posts right now with all the things they were planning on doing with Herbert amongst other things. So much potential…thrown in the trash. I also can’t believe they never introduced puffles or igloos. Club Penguin classic had those up and ready within months of launch in 2005. That reason also probably led to less popularity.

This seems to be the official end of the Club Penguin name. Let that sink in for a moment. Very, very unfortunate.

The game closes December 20. Thanks for playing.

4 Responses

  1. What are your interests now? I’m kind of depressed and incredibly bored. I really want something to do. I’m not saying I’m depressed for attention. I genuinely feel so bored and I can’t find anything to do.

    • Hey Pneen, thanks for visiting. I’ve checked out Club Penguin Rewritten, looks really cool and just like the old Club Penguin. Rocketsnail (creator of CP) also seems to be working on a new world, so maybe that’ll be the start of a next Club Penguin.

  2. so sad to see the club penguin brand ending. this was a very thoughtful and well written post

    • Thank you cheezlovermw. I remember you from Trainman’s site many years ago. I also used to check out your igloo website all the time, you did a great job on those.

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