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Waddle On Party – Club Penguin’s Finale

News came this week that Club Penguin is closing on March 29th. To celebrate, immediately after the Club Penguin Island Party comes the Waddle On Party, where we come together and take a look at the island’s 11 year history. The party was released on Tuesday.

You’ll first notice the new loading screen with balloons.


When you log in, everyone will greet you.



Let’s take a look at the decorations. Mostly every decorated room has a trivia quiz set up to test your Club Penguin knowledge. As of right now, the Forest one is the only one available.

Starting with the Ski Village, you’ll see it’s slightly decorated.


In the Everyday Phoning Facility, there will be a trivia quiz available beginning February 3rd.


To the Dock – that one opens February 6th.


The Town is the same exact way as it was during the Club Penguin Island Party except for changing the carpet. The Alumni Jacket is still available for members.


A link to the new site has also been added to the pop-up.


And the members only pop-up has been updated.


The Snow Forts is the main room of the party and where you will land when logging in. The decorations are awesome, especially the animated lights!


The Stadium (Ice Rink) has a trivia quiz, too, opening February 10th.


The Plaza trivia will open February 11th.


The Forest trivia is open NOW, and is all about Puffles!


The Cove trivia will open February 4th.


The Mine Shack is just a cut-through pathway.


And last but not least, the Dojo Courtyard trivia opens February 8th.


Back to the Forest. This trivia booth is all about puffles. Test your knowledge! All you have to do is press the A, B, or C buttons. You can also throw a snowball at the button, or just click the option.


There are over 70 questions! Every correct answer you’ll earn five coins.


Wrong answers earn none.


Get three correct and Aunt Arctic will pop-up. Here you can collect the Puffle Trivia Pin and the Puffle Poster Background.


And you’re done!


Now, onto the interface, or the “Memory Book”.


Everything on the interface you can do in-game, it’s just a handy guide in an organized way. You can receive all free items here, as well as teleport to many rooms and a link to the Club Penguin Island website.





Also, the room music are all from previous popular parties:

  • Ski Hill (not decorated) and Ski Village – Medieval Party
  • Everyday Phoning Facility – Operation: Blackout
  • Dock – I’ve Been Delayed (instrumental)
  • Town is new music
  • Coffee Shop (not decorated) – Music Jam
  • Dance Club (not decorated) – Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam Dubstep
  • Clothes Shop (not decorated) – Herbert Style
  • Snow Forts – St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • Stadium/Ice Rink – The Fair
  • Plaza is new music
  • Forest – Adventure Party
  • Cove – Music Jam
  • Mine Shack – Puffle Party
  • Dojo Courtyard – April Fool’s Party Stair Dimension

Cool, right?

That’s all I have to say, besides emotes:


So, 12 rooms decorated (including the Iceberg). Not bad I suppose. I do like the trivia idea. I would have liked this sending away party to be more like the 10th Anniversary Party, however.

All the mascots will be visiting sometime during this party.

This party is on for eight weeks and will leave along with Club Penguin.


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