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How to Tip the Iceberg…for Real This Time!!

The time has finally come. What better way to end this game than with the question that’s been questioning people for over a decade:

Can you tip the Iceberg?

Yes, you can. After many, many fake YouTube videos, edited rare item catalogs, and the infamous Aunt Arctic pop-up that said you’ve tipped the Iceberg. It’s finally come true!

So, if you go on an empty server, it just looks like same old, same old. But, ACTUALLY, if you compare both the old one and when they updated it this week, you’ll notice the lines are less bolder than they were before, meaning that they updated it.


First, you need to go on a crowded server such as Blizzard and go to the Iceberg. It may take a few times to get in…the room is full almost all the time.

You’ll need:

  • (Dark) Blue penguin color
  • Hard Hat
  • Blue Puffle

Go to an edge – everyone goes to the left, but I’m not sure if that’s required. Dance with nothing else on besides your hard hat so you’ll be drilling. Make sure you’re blue and your Blue Puffle is dancing alongside you.


For the Iceberg to tip, 5 players need to be drilling, dark blue, and with a Blue Puffle. Might seem easy, but it’s hard to tell people how to do this with the bad filter system. And if you’re like me, you forgot your Blue Puffle in your igloo, and don’t want to leave because odds are you won’t be able to get back in.

Eventually, the rocking will become more faster and the Iceberg will tip! It actually flips over, but whatever. :P

The whole room turns into a dance party.


Aunt Arctic will pop up, just like that fake video from 10 years ago.


Be sure to collect the Iceberg Tipper to add to your collection of hard hats. Unlike other ones, the drill used while dancing is just the usual yellow, not a light blue of some sort.


The hat can also be collected in the room itself or the interface. Once you leave the room and come back, it will no longer be tipped over.

Amongst all the excitement, there is one plaque that says it all.


Well said,

Waddle on.


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