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Rockhopper to Stay for Awhile, Still Here!

Rockhopper was here with his decorated ship all throughout the Holiday Party. However, once all the decorations for the party and on his ship were taken down on January 4th, he’s still here! What a pleasant surprise.

So, waddle on over to his ship and check it out. The mysterious boxes, barrels, and stinky cheese are all still there. Just to point out, we haven’t seen the regular ship since APRIL 2014. That’s nearly three years…wow.


Crow’s Nest is also back to normal.


Another thing I noticed – Yarr is on the mast! I literally haven’t seen him there since about March 2010 when all the puffles were disappearing for Puffle Rescue. Club Penguin never re-added him, until now that is. Very strange they would do that seven years later, but good to have you back, buddy.


The Ship Hold still has maps and stinky cheese, too. The holiday themed Rockhopper’s Rare Items is gone, so now there’s no catalog. They could have added a new one, but oh well.


The ORIGINAL Treasure Hunt is back for the first time since April 2014. I played a few rounds myself. It’s nice to have it back.


And since Club Penguin used the same SWF from April 2014, it still has the old Notice Board from that time. During the Holiday Party 2015 and 2016, Club Penguin ditched the idea of the cork board and just put up a picture of the Migrator. However, since they had to use the normal room design, they had to resort way back to three years ago. And apparently Club Penguin was too lazy to change anything about it. So, there you have it.


At this time, it is unknown how long he’ll be docked. I don’t think he is waddling around, either.


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