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Club Penguin’s 12th Holiday Party Begins!

On Wednesday, November 30th, we said goodbye to the Music Jam to switch right over to Christmas mode! The TWELFTH Christmas/Holiday Party is here! One of the biggest and most anticipated parties of the year, this has been a yearly tradition since 2005. It was called the Christmas Party from 2005-2008 and was renamed the Holiday Party in 2009 to include everybody. The 2014 party was called the Merry Walrus Party to match up with the new TV special “We Wish You A Merry Walrus”.

The first thing you will notice is the loading screen advertising the party.


Once you log on, Rockhopper will speak to you.



You can access the Holiday Giveaway Advent Calendar by clicking the button. Like last year, new gifts will unlock each day until Christmas Day. Most are for members.


However, there are four pins, a background, and the Sweet Swirl Igloo is available on Christmas for everyone. I also like this year that the gifts are from characters around Club Penguin and Club Penguin themselves. Most of these items are brand new. Take a look:




This Advent Calendar will pop up every time you log in. It can also be accessed by the interface and at the Snow Forts.

Now let’s move on to the interface…


From here, you can access the Advent Calendar, donate to Coins for Change, teleport to the Forest, Beach, and Plaza to earn coins, and teleport to the Clothes Shop and Captain’s Quarters. Also, members can adopt the Snowman Puffle and the Blue Crystal Puffle, plus transform into Frost Bite (debuted in 2012).



Here’s the membership notices:



A simple yet fun thing to do is activities to earn coins for Coins for Change, such as decorating the tree at the Forest.


Decoration wise, this party is actually very fulfilling. I don’t know what’s about it, but I just like the decorations, even if they are all old. The only new rooms decorated are the Mine and Hidden Lake, however some of the decorations in those rooms are reused from other rooms. For example the Ski Lodge tree is the same one at the Hidden Lake in the corner.

What I really have to applaud Club Penguin for is returning the Lighthouse, Cave, and Boiler Room to the party. That’s just awesome!

These Lighthouse decorations were only used one year, in 2009, SEVEN years ago. Most players probably think these decorations are brand new!


The Cave was an ice cave back in the Christmas Party 2008, it’s only appearance and only time the room was decorated. That has also returned! (No ladder to the Plaza :P)


And finally, the Boiler Room is decorated also from 2008, EIGHT years ago. The room is switched up a bit (I’m not sure why they couldn’t just leave it the way it was, would have been less work) but it’s still so great to see these returning after all these years.


The Dojo Courtyard is also decorated for the first time since 2012.

As for the rest of the island with more modern decorations, it’s good. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but still very Christmas-y. The Town and Plaza have used the same design for six years now.

Here’s some other information:

  • Free item: The Big Cozy Chair Background is available again. Click on the camera at the Ski Lodge.


  • Rockhopper has visited the island with his ship. Check out my other post for ship information. He is also waddling around, with no new background. Click here for meet-up times.
  • Coins for Change is going on – check out information here.
  • The Magic Sleigh Ride has returned above the Dance Lounge/Arcade. Free items: Complete it three times to obtain the Pink, Yellow, and Blue Lightbulbs for everyone.
  • The homepage has also been updated.





And one more thing, there are three special party emotes like always.


That’s all I have to say, and…



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