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Rockhopper Lands, New Rockhopper’s Rare Items, and Mysterious Cargo

Rockhopper has landed on Club Penguin without announcement (or appearing in the telescope)! Rockhopper has visited the island every Christmas/Holiday Party since 2008, except the Merry Walrus Party in 2014. His ship is all decked out like always.

So, go on over to the Beach and check out the Migrator. You haven’t seen it in a while – the most recent¬†visit was LAST Christmas!

Oddly, there is strange cargo on the Upper Deck and the Ship Hold. There’s a lot of stinky cheese, boxes, and maps. This is most likely leading towards Club Penguin Island in one way or another.



As usual, Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog is available in the Ship Hold. It’s the same exact catalog from last year.


And lastly, be sure to check out the Christmas edition of Treasure Hunt in the Captain’s Quarters, which is basically the only edition we see nowadays.

Have fun!


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