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Minor Club Penguin Updates: Homepage, Login Screen, LOTS of Bugs!

Along with updates this week involving Frozen, there were some smaller updates, too.

There is a new homepage slide.


There is also a new login screen.


Now onto the BUGS, an there are definitely a lot of them!

First off, the ski lift at the Ski Village is all glitchy and isn’t moving on one side. The tubes are also not coming down the hill. Plus, the arch over the Puffle Wild pathway is missing.


Second, the Ski Lodge fire is not animated anymore.


Third, the EPF Handbook and the Missions are completely gone and the room is designed as it was before the missions were added.


This is what it should look like:


Lastly, the Mall is unaccessible from the Plaza. The only way to get in is to use your EPF Phone or the Costume Trunk button on the map.


What seems like happened is that Club Penguin took the island SWFs the way it was in April 2015 during the Frozen Fever Party and copy and pasted it to now. Back in April 2015, the arch over the Puffle Wild path was not added at the time, the Ski Lodge fire was not yet animated, the missions were not yet re-added, and the Mall was still the Stage. I can’t really explain the ski lift, I’m not sure about that one.

And ever since the Holiday Party, when opening the doors at the Everyday Phoning Facility, you could see the aurora lights. Since Club Penguin copied the SWFs from April 2015, it is the normal sky. Unfortunately it will probably be back to the aurora lights after the party.


And one more thing, that upside down penguin bug from using the Puffle Park equipment is back.


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