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The Frozen Fever Party is Here…Again

Well the Finding Dory Party ended and the Frozen Fever Party has begun. According to Megg, this is what the community asked for! :P

This party makes it the third Frozen related party – the Frozen Party in August 2014 and the Frozen Fever Party in April 2015 were the predecessors. The only main difference between the 2014 and 2015 parties was the Dock and an extra party room. BUT THIS YEAR…we get an exact same copy of the 2015 party! Yay, because who doesn’t like that, am I right? Same exact rooms, items, interface, you name it! The only difference I could find is the music.

Anyways, when you log on you will get a reused loading screen.


Anna will then greet you.



  • Decorations

There are eight rooms decorated in total. All of them are outdoor rooms, and one of them is a party room; Anna’s Room is located at the Dock. All are exactly the same as April 2015.









Note that Elsa’s Ice Palace is not available this year, as it has been removed – so you can no longer see her virtual performance or get a background. I really wish Club Penguin would at least put some bushes under the arch or something because it confuses some people that think it is a pathway to a room, and I wouldn’t blame them for thinking that, because at one time it was.


  • Finding Snowflakes Task

This parties’ task is the same as the previous two – collect the snowflakes in each of the decorated rooms for items and other features (more on that below). Unlike some parties we’ve seen this year, all the snowflakes are already released at the start of the party, while other parties have new tasks released each day to keep you logging on.

Here’s an example of the snowflakes at the Plaza. There are three in each room.


Once you find three, you can get some free items…


  • Interface: Free Items, Transformations, Puffle Adoption

Below is the interface icon. All the items available are returned.


On the first slide, if you are a member, you can get six free items immediately without doing anything.


On the next slide, everyone can get the Spring Palace Igloo. From then on to the last slide, all of them are tasks to collect snowflakes. Three snowflakes in each room earns one members only free item and one free item for everyone.



On the very last block, everyone can collect the Ice Furniture Package, which consists of 5 Ice Thrones, 10 Ice Rugs, and 3 Ice Dining Tables for your igloo.


Once finding every single snowflake, everyone can collect the Ice Party Hat. Meanwhile, members can do a bunch – throw frozen snowballs, adopt a Snowman Puffle, or transform into Olaf or Marshmallow.

  • Frozen Snowball Feature

If you are a member, you can earn the frozen snowball from the snowflake quest. This allows you to throw snowballs at designated objects (mostly buildings) and freeze them. A tip is to aim at the sparkles. Then, anyone can go up to the object hit and use the heart emote to unfreeze it.


  • Transformations

Members can transform into Olaf or Marshmallow. You also have special actions with it. To remove the transformation, click on your player card and click the button.



  • Snowman Puffle Adoption

Members also have the chance to adopt the Snowman Puffle through the interface. But I’m a non-member so…


  • Pins

Almost forgot to mention that there are pins throughout the Dock and Anna’s Room, 10 in total. Just follow the string!



  • Extras/Other

There are safe chat messages, jokes, and tour guide messages added. For some reason the safe chat messages are under the “No” section.


The map is also updated.


Rockhopper is visiting, too, after a weekend of meet-ups for National Lighthouse Day! But he is without his ship, AGAIN. His background is also not new AGAIN. I added meet-up times to the sidebar courtesy of the Club Penguin Blog.

And, finally, three emotes were added.


Well, that’s the Frozen Fever Party 2016 guide for you. One more side note, when clicking the Hydro Hopper boat, it has a special sound interaction.

This is actually my first Frozen Party. I’ve taken three major breaks in Club Penguin:

  • September 2007 – January 2008
  • May 2014 – October 2014
  • March 2015 – October 2015

It just so happened that both Frozen Parties took place while I wasn’t logging on. But, trust me, I could have never experienced one and I’d be happy with that.

The party lasts for six weeks, or five according to the newspaper.


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