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Finding Dory Party Complete Guide – July 2016

The Zootopia Party has finally ended and the Finding Dory Party was released late Wednesday – this site has all the details! Finding Dory is a movie sequel, with the original being the popular Finding Nemo from 2003. Finding Dory was released on June 17th in the United States. I have not yet seen it, but I probably will at some point. I’ve seen Finding Nemo at least 50 times. Also, this is the second sponsored party of the year, and the second in a row.

Anyways, upon login, you will notice the new loading screen.


Dory will greet you following completely finished loading.



Clicking “Find them” will bring you to the Reef, a special party room.

First, let’s talk about the decorations! There are six rooms decorated, one being a party room.

Here’s the Beach (Morro Bay), which somehow sunk or something, lol.


From the Beach, you can enter the party room, the Reef, which is very colorful and completely underwater. It reminds me of a remastered version of the Underwater Room.


The Dock is the Marine Life Institute, like a zoo/outdoor aquarium. You can open the lockers!


Here is the Town, also known as the Town Tank. This room completely reminds me of the Submarine Party of February 2008. It’s not overhauled either, it’s just enough to have some summertime fun in the pool and explore the nautical decorations.


The Cove (Coral Cove) also has some decorations, although they aren’t very noticeable. I like the jellyfish lights.


The Iceberg (Floating Reef) is also surprisingly decorated, as it hasn’t been in a while. It looks cool and colorful with the coral and seaweed.


Now onto the interface!


A new task to find three items will be released every day through the 14th. The items are to help Dory trace back her memory. Once completed, you will receive a free item. Most of the items are members only, but there are two backgrounds and a pin for everyone. At least they added those.

Here are the 5 slides. You can teleport to rooms, access the Penguin Style, and collect items all from here.






For the first task (July 6), go to the Reef and click on the three sea anemones.



And now members can collect the Nemo Costume.


If you are a non-member, you’ll get this:


And that’s July 6th’s task!


One more final thing about this party: there are three new emotes and each of them now make a sound! I’m already annoyed by players spamming it out of control. :P


I think this party is alright I guess. I would have liked places like the Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest decorated, but oh well.

The party goes on for six weeks.


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