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Minor Club Penguin Updates, Bugs

Like always, some smaller updates were released alongside the bigger updates, as well as bugs, which I collate here in a post.

Minor Updates

First off, the homepage slide and login screen have been updated with the new costumes.



Next, there is also a new homepage slide advertising the new Penguin Style.


And below that advertises the two new catalogs.


Also, I just happened to look at the Costume Trunk catalog at the Mall, and it has been updated! The cover is different and the catalog is no longer Flash, it’s image based. It has also been renamed the Costume Catalog.


This is what it used to look like:


And lastly, the telescope is FINALLY FIXED AFTER 6 MONTHS!!! It has had the aurora sky since the Holiday Party, and I guess nobody bothered to fix it, until now that is. The Binoculars are still the same though, d’oh!



You could technically call this a mistake, but to be honest it doesn’t really even matter. The Hidden Lake entrance from under the rock at the Forest has been removed do to it being decorated for the party, yet the ladder is still open at the Hidden Lake itself leading up to the Forest. In the past it has been boarded up.


Also, the Penguin Art at the Book Room is un-clickable. Art hasn’t shown up for years now, but you could still open it and submit Fan Art. Now you can’t even do that.


And I only thought of checking this because the newspaper secret told me to! Lol!


By the way, it should say, “If you’re an artist looking to be in the newspaper”. :P


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