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Club Penguin Zootopia Party Complete Guide!

After the updates being delayed a bit, the Zootopia Party is now here! This is the first sponsored party of the year, and is based off of the Disney animated movie Zootopia, which was released in North America on March 4th earlier this year. Please note that I have not seen this movie so I’m not entirely sure what the characters’ personalities were, what the plot was, etc.

Anyways, here’s the loading screen. I like the “cha-cha” music!


The officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde will greet you when logging in. Click “Go there” to go to the Snow Forts. Um…the art certainly looks…interesting, and by that I mean a little weird, lol.


So, in total there are only four rooms decorated. The Town, Snow Forts, and the Plaza, as well as a Party Room.

Let’s start off with the Tundratown (Town). It’s covered in snow and ice and some crosswalks were added plus a walk signal.


Moving on to the Savanna Central (Snow Forts), this room is the main room of the party, hence the word central. It’s been overhauled completely and the Snow Forts room is nearly unrecognizable.


From here you can enter the brand new party room, the ZPD Headquarters. For the music in this room, it’s the Music Jam 2009, 2010, and 2011’s main theme.


And last but not least is the Rainforest District (Plaza). This is my favorite room of the party. It reminds me of the Adventure Party 2009! I also like how the trunk grows over the Mall entrance.


Well, that’s it for decorations. Now click the “Z” in the top right corner for the interface.


There are five slides in all. On the first slide, members can get the new and free Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde costumes. You can also go the Snow Forts or open the Penguin Style Catalog.


On the second slide, the Deputy Mayor Bellwether costume is available for members and you can teleport to the Police HQ or the Town.


On the third slide, members can get the Clawhauser costume and go the Plaza. The other costume is unlocked on June 8th…


…as well as other costumes and more rooms decorated.



Some other things worth mentioning:

  • The tour guide messages have been updated for the four rooms! I like how Club Penguin re-added dialogue at the Wilderness Expedition, and now at this party.


  • Aunt Arctic is visiting during the party! Meet-up times are on the sidebar. She doesn’t have a new background.
  • There are three special party emotes. The siren one is animated.


And that is it! Here is a brief pros/cons list.


  • The rooms that are decorated are done nicely and are also not too overdone.
  • I really like the new music. It’s very laid back and calm. I also like how the Music Jam music returned.
  • The new decorations are a plus, not just a rehash of old decorations.


  • Only four rooms are decorated…I mean come on! If a party is going to last nearly two months long then the least that could be done is make a large island-wide party. I know new rooms will be added, but still, that’s a long three weeks from now.
  • This party will get old very fast. To be honest, there is not much to do but maybe roll play I suppose, but just for younger players. This is the longest party in the game’s history, and it has no quests to complete or anything. And since this party is so long, by the third-fourth week, most people will definitely be sick of it, new rooms added or not.
  • This party is WAY TOO LONG! If a party would be this long, there should be updates every week, like Operation: Blackout. A party like this is not meant to go this long.
  • There are, once again, no free items for non-members…not even a background or a pin. I remember it used to be mandatory to have at least one free item for everyone at the party, usually a head item. Why can’t this still be done?


Well, those are my opinions on this takeover. I actually don’t even mind that it is a takeover, I’m just judging the quality of it. These opinions are also not biased because I haven’t seen the movie. For example, I never seen Star Wars, however the takeover in July 2013 was great.

The four newly decorated rooms and new items will be released on June 9, three weeks from now.


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