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Discussion: New Pin Most Likely to be Released Next Week

Today is Club Penguin’s update day, which means, you know, updates. The only update that was supposed to happen today was the new pin, since the Club Penguin Times is released every two weeks now. However, that never happened. The Globe Pin is still at the Ski Village and will likely be there until next week, making it hidden for three weeks.

Now the Club Penguin Times last week actually did say it would be hidden until next week, but I assumed it was a mistake because the next pin hidden will be May 5-18, two weeks. Apparently it’s not a mistake.


So, there you have it. The Globe Pin will be available for three weeks and the new pin will be released next week along with the new Penguin Style, Furniture & Igloo Catalog, Club Penguin Times, and probably new igloo music. The Wilderness Expedition will also end.

Now, for why Club Penguin is doing this, I think it is not because Club Penguin is going to release pins every three weeks now. For proof, the image above from the newspaper says the next pin hidden will be for two weeks, May 5-18. Personally, I think that Club Penguin wants the pin and the new newspaper to be released the same week, and in order to do that, the pin needs to skip a week to go on track with the newspaper.

Or, you know, Club Penguin should have released an issue the same day the Globe Pin was released so it wouldn’t have this problem. Instead, Club Penguin skipped their first week that day. I think they should have skipped it the following week and this mess up wouldn’t have happened.

Under the new pin and Club Penguin Times being updated the same week, there will probably be about two weeks a month where there are no updates at all on Club Penguin. Sadly, that was their goal for doing this, probably so they can work on Project Super Secret.

This is how I predict the month of May will look like for Club Penguin. Two weeks are no updates, and that’s the way they wanted it. (click to enlarge)


They’re having trouble getting people online due to not enough replay value, yet now they aren’t even updating every week.

By the way, the only update I noticed today was Club Penguin removing the Puffle Party slide on the homepage. It was supposed to be done last week.

I think it’s sad Club Penguin is focusing more on Project Super Secret rather than the online game itself. I hope it’s worth it.


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