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Club Penguin Times Issue #547

The Club Penguin Times Issue #547, the first issue of the now biweekly Club Penguin Times, is here! If you didn’t know, the Club Penguin Times will now be released every two weeks because Club Penguin basically doesn’t have enough content to fill the paper and began to just use filler articles, such as tubas, Rookie skateboarding, and puffle haikus. As of right now, it does not line up with the new pin release every two weeks.

Moving on, the first article is a note from Sam the Sasquatch to visit him in the wilds during the Wilderness Expedition.



The second article is a Puffle Party review since it FINALLY ended today.


And here are the upcoming events:


April 28/29

  • New pin hidden

May 5/6

  • New Penguin Style Catalog
  • Wilderness Expedition ends
  • New Club Penguin Times

According to the upcoming events, the pin says it will be hidden until May 4, for three weeks. I’m not sure if this is a mistake, however I think it is because the next pin hidden says from May 5-18, which is two weeks.

This week, instead of Ask Aunt Arctic, it is Ask Sensei. A penguin asks how to become a ninja. Sensei responds to start the journey at the Dojo and begin training or explore and master the elements.

Here is something I also noticed, however it has been going on for a while now according to the newspaper archives in the Boiler Room. It looks like Club Penguin is started to use real usernames on the questions, something they have never done since Aunt Arctic started publishing the advice column in May 2006.


If you didn’t know, Club Penguin used to use fake usernames related to the question. My guess is that Club Penguin picked the question most commonly asked and had to use a fake username since no specific player was being chosen. Here is an image back in Issue #133, which was May 1, 2008. Rock Who-pper is obviously an example of a fake username.


Anyways, this newspaper, like always, also includes Fan Art, a news flash, jokes, and The Secret of the Buoys as an island secret.

You would think the newspaper would announce the release of it now being biweekly, or at least the Club Penguin What’s New Blog. The only reason players found out was emailing Club Penguin on why there wasn’t an issue last week, which I emailed them, too.


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