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Club Penguin 2nd Wilderness Expedition Maze Guide!

Hello everybody!

The Puffle Party is finally over and now the second ever Wilderness Expedition is going on! The first Wilderness Expedition was over five years ago in January 2011, and led to the discovery of the Brown Puffle. Anyways, here is EVERYTHING you need to know!

You’ll notice the loading screen when logging in.


Aunt Arctic will then appear.



Click “Go there” to go to the Dock if you aren’t already there.

Here is the Dock, which is set up as a training camp. This is the only room decorated that isn’t a party room. I do like how it is decorated.


However, this may look familiar, as it is the same exact thing from one of the rooms in Operation: Puffle, back in November 2013.


So, now let’s take a look at this expedition’s interface. I think every party from now on will have an interface, as that has been the theme for a while now.


On the first slide, the “Go There” button teleports to the Dock. The “Expedition Gear” button just opens the Penguin Style Catalog and the”Go to Camp” button is yet another button that goes to the Dock. For the first two tasks available, members can earn a Sasquatch Outfit by completing the maze and find items throughout the maze to earn the Wilderness Tent.



The rest of the items are available at a later date.


To start, go the the far right corner of the Dock. I like how this is the same exact spot where the Wilderness Expedition 2011 took place.





Here is the first area of the maze rooms once you enter. It’s exactly the same as 2011. However, unlike in 2011, you immediately enter the maze.


There are 8 maze rooms in all, all looking similarly. One of those rooms is the “lost” area, where you end up when taking a wrong path. If so, just take any path to get back to the beginning of the maze.



The way to complete the maze is simple. Just look for damage on the tree/crumbs and that’s the direction you take. Also, don’t forget to click on the paw print, leaves, and claw marks on the way to earn the Wilderness Tent (for members only).

1st item:


2nd item:



3rd item:


After collecting those, members can collect the new Wilderness Tent.


Then you can continue with the rest of the maze.




The directions for the entire maze are:

  1. right
  2. up
  3. right
  4. down
  5. left
  6. down
  7. right

Those are actually the same directions as the 2011 one, too.

Once you get through that, Sasquatch will appear. Well, I guess I should say “Sam”. Members can collect the new Sasquatch Outfit.


Non-members will get this message:


Here is the Sasquatch Village, where Sam lives. The huts look like Beta Hats (or the Wooden Party Hat that will be available on the 24th). There is also a Beta Hat framed on the wall near the top left of the room.


Now you’ve completed the maze and the task for today’s date (April 20th). There is also a button added to go directly to the Sasquatch Village instead of completing the maze again.



Well, that’s pretty much it, besides special party emotes like usual. This time they actually have a working animation!


I’m not sure if Sasquatch is waddling around, either. UPDATE: Sasquatch times are on the sidebar!


Well, at least there was a little effort done. I kind of wish there was more to it, since basically everything is reused from 2011 along with Operation: Puffle decorations at the Dock. It also has replay value since a new item is earned each day. I do like the Sasquatch Village, too. All the free items are also brand new. But seriously, not one single item for non-members, not even a pin or background or something.

That’s all for now!


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