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Minor Club Penguin Updates: Login Screen, Homepage Slide, and More!

Along with the new pin and the new newspaper that Club Penguin SHOULD have released this week, there are some minor updates as well.

The Puffle Party homepage slide has been updated to announce it has been extended. Some of the puffles have also been rearranged.


A new homepage slide and login screen has been added, too, advertising the second ever Wilderness Expedition on Club Penguin, which starts next week. I like how the Wilderness Expedition logo is nearly the same as the 2011 one.



Some bugs I’ve noticed but have been there:

  • When you roll over your mouse on the Dance Contest table/poster in the Dance Club, there was an animation that writes on the sign-up sheet. However, now it is weird and appears below the table, like an overlapping issue. Go log on and check it out for yourself.
  • This one was just weird. I was on a completely empty server (I think literally I was the only one on Kosciuszko) and decided to go and check out Card-Jitsu Snow because I haven’t seen the layout in years. The room was completely empty like every room. I was actually wondering if you could speak to Sensei like in the other Card-Jitsu games, since I couldn’t remember (turns out you can’t).


Anyways, long story short, I joined a game, and two players joined with me. I tried it another time, and the same thing happened.


When finishing the game, nobody was in the room. Weird, right? Maybe this game connects you to other penguins on other servers?


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