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Minor Club Penguin Updates: New Club Penguin Login Screen, Bugs

Club Penguin updated today with some smaller updates along with two new catalogs, music, and the newspaper. Bugs came with updates too, like usual.

Minor Updates

A new homepage slide has been released telling everyone about the wilderness items being featured this month.


And below the slide advertises Earth Day costumes in the Penguin Style and new outdoorsy items in the Furniture Catalog.


The login screen has also been updated appearing identical to the homepage slide.


Bugs/Glitches/Not Updated

For starters, the Puffle Party special emotes are missing.


Club Penguin’s pins are all messed up. The Puffle Medal Pin has returned at the Dock and the Wild Puffle Treehouse Pin has been removed. The Puffle Medal Pin was hidden from March 16-22 and was removed a week early and was never re-added…until now. I wonder if Club Penguin is given people a chance to obtain it? Also, the Wild Puffle Treehouse Pin is supposed to be hidden for another week at the Snow Forts.



And the Snow and Sports Catalog has been updated…I think? Here’s two options:

  • Club Penguin made a mistake with their files and re-added it.
  • Club Penguin re-added the catalog on purpose with the same catalog as July 2015, which could be likely because Club Penguin doesn’t change much when making new Sports Catalogs anymore.

If its the first option, that is a bug on its own. If it is the second option, then the month and date needs to be changed, making that a bug, too. Either way, it’s the good old FLASH ANIMATION, not image based catalogs we have today. Club Penguin also didn’t announce this, so I think it’s probably a bug.


I think that’s it!


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