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Club Penguin Times Issue #545

The Club Penguin Times Issue #545 has been released, and I’m one of the first bloggers to post about it!

The first article is Rookie giving instructions on how to become a tuba star, since apparently Tuba Day is April 1. Ok, so they mention that but not April Fool’s Day!



The second article is about The Penguin Band. Remember them? Apparently they are doing their own things on the road and will be back eventually.


And here are the upcoming events:


April 7/8

  • New Penguin Style Catalog
  • New Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • New Club Penguin Times
  • Puffle Party ends

April 14/15

  • New Club Penguin Times
  • New pin hidden

This week, instead of Ask Aunt Arctic, it is Ask DJ Cadence instead. A penguin is curious to know what are the purples’ puffles talents. Cadence replies saying purple puffles are really good at dancing.

I would also like to note something that has been bothering me. The Ask Aunt Arctic articles used to go all the way down the column, but now they are so short that there is a ton of extra space. Shows you how much Club Penguin puts work into the newspaper nowadays…


Anyways, this week’s newspaper also includes Fan Art, a news flash, jokes, and Sasquatch’s Secret as an island secret.


Supposedly we will know once the Wilderness Party of next month will take place.


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