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Happy Easter!

Hello everyone, and…


If you don’t know, Easter can be as early as March 22 and the latest day being April 25, however it is always on a Sunday.

To explain it, Easter is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the first day of spring. Or instead of following that, you could just look at the calendar! This year it happens to be on March 27. Personally, I prefer Easter around mid-April.

Just like for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, here is a rundown of everything Club Penguin has done to celebrate this holiday. While never having an Easter Party, Club Penguin did have their yearly Easter Egg Hunts. Each Easter Egg Hunt gave a rhyming clue on a sticky note on what room the egg was hidden in. There were always 8 eggs to find in all that usually blended into the surroundings and had something to do with the room or the place it was hidden (up until 2009). All the hunts had a prize at the end.

2006 (Easter was April 16)

Club Penguin held their first scavenger hunt ever, the first annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. Players had to click the egg icon at the top of the screen next to the moderator badge to start the hunt. They used the same icon at every Easter Egg Hunt.


Not much is known about this one since it was almost ten years ago, however the prize for everyone was the Pink Bunny Ears. These were the eggs, with the 7th one being the same as the icon:


2007 (Easter was April 8)

The second annual Easter Egg Hunt was in 2007. This year Aunt Arctic hid them. The free prize were the Blue Bunny Ears.


And here is an image from the newspaper:


2008 (Easter was March 23)

Since Easter was early in 2008, so was the Easter Egg Hunt! This year the hunt was dubbed as the Easter Eggs Scavenger Eggs-Stravaganza.


And here is a look at the eggs below. The prize were the Green Bunny Ears.


As you can see, the last egg was ninja-themed and hidden at the Dojo, which was the hardest to get. The egg would appear and disappear in six different spots, as shown below, and move. You needed to have good timing to click on it once it appeared.


It’s also worth mentioning that ninjas were not yet discovered and were just a myth, so this egg may have hinted the arrival of ninjas later on that year in November 2008.

Club Penguin also debuted their Cocoa Bunny Ears and Costume in the Penguin Style catalog.


2009 (Easter was April 12)

This was the fourth annual Easter Egg Hunt on Club Penguin, which only lasted for three days. This year Sensei hid the eggs. The prize was the Pink Bunny Ears, returning from the Easter Egg Hunt 2006.


For the eighth egg, you had to shut off the Lighthouse Beacon light. That was the first time you were able to do that, and it’s been a feature ever since.


The Penguin Style returned the Cocoa Bunny Ears and Costume again, too.


There was also a Chocolate Bunny Pin hidden at the Forest and a special postcard sent automatically to everyone by Club Penguin, shown below.


2010 (Easter was April 4)

Just like the St. Patrick’s Day Party not occurring in 2010, the Easter Egg Hunt was also scrapped the same year. Apparently since it is a religious holiday, Club Penguin decided that not everyone celebrates it, like St. Patrick’s Day, and didn’t have one that year. Of course it ruined the tradition completely!

However, Club Penguin did add the White Cocoa Bunny Ears and Costume. (Note: These are currently available in the “clearance” section in the back of the Penguin Style as of this post) The 2008 costume was also hidden in the catalog.


2011 (Easter was April 24)

Club Penguin returned the Easter Egg Hunt in 2011, which overlapped with the Earth Day Party, due to penguins being unhappy that it was removed. Rockhopper hid the eggs this year. The quality of the hunt was downhill compared to past years, though. The eggs were the same designs of 2009, the eggs were too big, not cleverly hidden and were just put in random spots, and the Safari Park Background was the prize. Nevertheless, Club Penguin did return a nice and fun tradition to the game.


The Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears and Costume debuted in the Penguin Style, with the white and the 2008 costume being hidden.


2012 (Easter was April 8)

This was Club Penguin’s sixth Easter Egg Hunt. Like the previous year, the eggs were the same as 2009 and the eggs were bigger and put in random spots, but at least Club Penguin held one. The prize was the brand new Yellow Bunny Ears. Club Penguin also added a new background to the interface, which was a nice touch.


The Penguin Style returned the Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears and Costume as a hidden item. The white costume version was also included in a special April Fool’s Party Catalog around the same time. And finally, there was an Easter Basket Pin hidden at the Forest.

2013 (Easter was March 31)

Club Penguin removed the hunt AGAIN (along with St. Patrick’s Day events) because I guess they don’t even listen to what players have to say anymore. The only trace of Easter were the returning bunny costumes in the Penguin Style catalog.


There was also a Bunny Rabbit Pin hidden at the Dojo.

2014 (Easter was April 20)

Nothing was held this year, however at the Puffle Party (since it started Easter weekend), there were free Lavender Bunny Ears at the Beach for everyone.

2015 (Easter was April 5)


So, as you can see, Club Penguin does not recognize Easter anymore as they once did. I didn’t see anything Easter related this year, however we did have to find the White Rabbit Puffle today. I’m not sure if that is a coincidence or intentional. Just like St. Patrick’s Day, it seems like when they removed it in 2010, penguins still wanted it around, so they listened and brought it back. But as of 2013, they don’t even listen, they just ignore! Anyways…


Have a great Easter Sunday everyone. Next up is April Fool’s Day!

Thanks to Trainman1405, Club Penguin Wiki, and this other Club Penguin Wiki for images and select information.


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