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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello everybody! Since it’s March 17, I would like to wish everyone a…


Believe it or not, Club Penguin used to make a huge deal of St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a breakdown of each year and what Club Penguin did.


  • Club Penguin held their first ever St. Patrick’s Day Party. The Shamrock Hat was given out as a free item. No pictures of this party have ever been retrieved or found, making it the only party with no images.
  • Club Penguin’s Shamrock Pin was released during this party, Club Penguin’s first pin.



  • Club Penguin held their second annual St. Patrick’s Day Party. The Shamrock Hat returned as a free item, located at the Dock. Most of the island was decorated, and the Penguin Band played in the Dance Club (computerized versions).


  • The Penguin Style of March 2007 had the new Shamrock Dress, Leprechaun Tuxedo, and the Green Bowtie. The Green Bowtie hasn’t returned since.
  • The Pot O’ Gold Pin was also released this year, in the Lodge Attic.
  • There was a postcard added, too.


  • The third annual St. Patrick’s Day Party began on March 14, 2008. Club Penguin devised a parade going from the Ski Village all the way to the Forest. The free item was the Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat, located at the Ski Village.


  • The Pot O’ Gold hand item was introduced in the Penguin Style this year, along with the returning Leprechaun Tuxedo. The Better Igloos catalog had green furniture, too.


  • For the fourth annual St. Patrick’s Day Party, Club Penguin went all out on this one. The whole island was decorated, there was new music, and even the snow was green. The Shamrock Hat was at the Coffee Shop, which returned from 2006 and 2007. Members could enter the Leprechaun House at the Forest and pick up an Accordion, with a special dance. It had construction preceding the party as well. In my opinion, this was the best St. Patrick’s Day Party out of the rest.


  • The Lucky Coin Pin was hidden on the Ski Hill the day the party started, on top of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • The Penguin Style returned the Pot O’ Gold and the Leprechaun Tuxedo. The Seafoam Dress was also featured. There was a new background, which was the Leprechaun Background.
  • There was a postcard added, too.


**Please note, there was no party this year and years to come. Apparently Club Penguin said (since they were expanding to other languages at the time) that not everybody celebrates it. This is also the reason why the Easter Egg Hunt was removed in 2010, the Fall Fair was renamed to The Fair in 2009, and Christmas Party was renamed to the Holiday Party in 2009. I remember I was very mad when they cancelled it in 2010, along with the Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Club Penguin somewhat made up for it by having a new Better Igloos catalog that March with a lot of new St. Patrick’s Day themed items, such as the Wishing Well and the Clover Balloon. In all, there were seven new St. Patrick’s Day items in the catalog. A brand new Green Clover Igloo was added to the Igloo Upgrades catalog. It hasn’t returned since.


  • A new pin was also released, the Boot Pin, hidden in the Dance Lounge.


  • Due to demand on having something St. Patrick’s Day related returning to Club Penguin, Club Penguin held an igloo contest to decorate in green, with prizes being coins and furniture.


  • Along with the igloo contest, Club Penguin released the same St. Patrick’s Day items as 2010 to decorate for the contest in the Better Igloos catalog.


  • The only St. Patrick’s Day update this year was small yet nice. During the Puffle Party, the Mine Shack was decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, complete with the Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat for a free item from 2008. It was nice that Club Penguin did that for us penguins missing the party. It was also completely unexpected.


A month earlier in February 2012, me and two other penguins formed this big lineup in the Town protesting that we wanted a St. Patrick’s Day Party again, and I sent an angry letter to the team with the picture below included. Maybe they listened to me and that’s why they did it, lol!



  • There was a small section in the back of the Penguin Style catalog with returned items, as well as Easter items.








So, as you can see, Club Penguin does not nearly recognize St. Patrick’s Day as they did in the past. The only thing remotely acknowledging the day this year is Megg’s online meet-up. It’s kind of sad, actually. It used to be such a big deal, now it doesn’t even exist to them. It seems like when they removed it in 2010, penguins still wanted it around, so they listened. But as of 2013, they don’t even listen, they just ignore! Anyways…


Thanks to the Club Penguin Wiki for some information and images.


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