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Club Penguin’s 8th Annual Puffle Party Ultimate Guide!

Since 2009, Club Penguin has kept the tradition of the Puffle Party, and eight years later comes this year’s Puffle Party, which begins coincidentally and coincides with St. Patrick’s Day! Here is everything you’ll need to know.

You’ll first notice the loading screen with ALLLL the puffles while logging in.


PH will speak to you right after.



Got it! So, I’m going to go room by room as a tour walkthrough. From 2009-2013, each puffle used to have its own domain room, however due to so many new puffles, that idea has been discontinued.


Not much is going on here…it’s the same design from the Puffle Party 2014 and 2015.



Well, here is the Puffle Hospital, which is returning from 2014 (also in the 10th Anniversary Party) and 2015. A similar hospital appeared in Operation Blackout 2012 and the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013.



Here’s the Wildlife Park. Once again, it is the same as 2014 and 2015.



Besides a few minor changes such as the puffle pathway, the Town’s building designs have remained untouched since 2012. However, there is some new things going on in the Town this year.

  • The banner and the balloons change to a puffle color according to what day it is to find that puffle in a game of hide and seek (more on that further in the post). Yesterday was Red, today is Blue.
  • Apparently there is a Puffle Parade going on. I wish Club Penguin added some floats or something, but I guess you’re supposed to make your own parade by waddling down the path.


There is also an adoption booth. Waddle up to it and this will appear:


To adopt wild puffles, there is a button to lead to the Puffle Wild, however only members can buy them. To adopt regular puffles, there is a button to head to the Pet Shop. Members can also adopt the 13 limited edition puffles. The Gold Puffle and Rainbow Puffle are also there, so you don’t even need to do the quest! There is a button to access the interface here, too.

If you are not a member like me, you’ll get this:


Coffee Shop

Same exact thing as 2014 and 2015. The mixer bowl and rolling pin are interactive!


Gift/Clothes Shop

Same thing as 2014 and 2015.


Snow Forts

Same as 2014 and 2015, besides the added balloons that change colors according to the hide and seek task for the day.


Stadium (Ice Rink/Soccer Pitch)

Here’s the puffle obstacle course, returning from 2014 and 2015. The poles and seesaw are interactive!



Besides a few minor changes such as the addition of the Puffle Hotel, Puffle Park, and the puffle pathway, the Plaza’s building designs have remained untouched since 2012. However, there is some new things going on in the Plaza this year.

  • Just like the Town, the banner and the balloons change to a puffle color according to what day it is to find that puffle in a game of hide and seek (more on that further in the post). Yesterday was Red, today is Blue.
  • Also just like the Town, apparently there is a Puffle Parade going on.
  • There is an adoption booth here, too. Read in the “Town” section above for more.


Puffle Berry Mall (I was about to call it the Stage!)

The Puffle Gala is going on again for the third year in a row. It no longer has the puffle tricks screen.



Returned from 2014 and 2015. This is one of my favorite rooms of the party. Personally, I think this should be the permanent design of the Forest.



This is another one of my favorite rooms of this party. Even though its returned from 2014 and 2015, it still is an awesome room. The slides are nice, the music from the Winter Luau and other parties definitely gives you the summer feel, and the whole room makes me so nostalgic coming home that Friday afternoon and logging on to the Water Party in June 2008. I miss it…sorry about reminiscing so much!


Well, those are all the rooms decorated – twelve. Not much, but enough. It’s also worth mentioning, though not decorated, the Dance Club and the Pizza Parlor have different music.

Now let’s check out the interface.



On this slide, you can teleport to the Town. The “Adopt” button will bring up the same page as the Town/Plaza has. Members can transform into puffles by clicking on the transform button. You can only transform into puffles that are available from the Pet Shop.


If you aren’t a member, you’ll receive this:


However, if you are a member, you can transform into a puffle! I’m glad they brought this back since they didn’t have it last year. You can do special puffle actions when you sit/dance/wave. Here’s an example of a transformation:


You can even walk your puffle while you’re a puffle, which looks pretty funny!


To change back into a penguin, click on your player card and click the button.


Anyways, back to the interface…puffle hide and seek!

The first puffle to find is the Red Triceratops Puffle. It’s kind of like the old Club Penguin scavenger hunts in a way. There is a hint/clue that rhymes, however you don’t need it at all because you can just click the “Find Me” button and it will take you to the room the puffle is hidden in. Kind of ruins the challenging part of it.


So the button leads to the Snow Forts.

Objects around the room nudge a little and sparkle. A puffle is hidden under there. All you have to do is pick the correct one.


Nope, nope, and nope…

2016-03-19_1615 2016-03-19_1617 2016-03-19_1617

And…got it!


Well that was fun, I guess.

PH then appears, and you can collect your free items. Nonmembers can only get the pin.


As you can see:


Another new hide and seek quest unlocks every day until Easter Sunday. I’m not going to post about them, though, when they release each day, since it is the same routine.


Well, that’s pretty much it! The only last thing I can think of is the special party emotes. Like usual, they appear to be animated, but when used they are not.


The party is on for three weeks (which is very long!) and will end Wednesday, April 6.

I will eventually be making a post that compares all the Puffle Parties and which was the best and the worst.


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