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Operation Tri-Umph Conclusion: Black & White + Cave Maze Guide

The time has come! It is Operation Tri-Umph’s last week, so this is the third and final stage of Herbert’s plan to destroy Club Penguin as we know it. (Spoiler: HE FAILS!)

Anyways, when logging in, Herbert will appear:


Click “Go there” to go to the Plaza. I was already there, which has happened throughout all the operation’s updates for me. Rookie will then speak to you.



Alright, before entering the Cave Maze, let’s take a look around first. The Plaza has been updated, with half of the room being in black and white. I like how they incorporated the Ruby and the Ruby music in the background considering that whole Stage play set was in back and white.


If you waddle on over to the box in the room…


…there are some more free items for members. All of these items have once been released, however these ones are black and white.


The Puffle Berry Mall and the Pizza Parlor have also been turned into black and white color as the un-colorizer ray in hitting the two buildings. The music in the Mall is a nice jazz theme, too.



Now, head on back to the Plaza for the final part of this operation. Go into the hole on the left side of the Plaza.


Now you’ve entered the Cave Maze! This maze is similar to the ones we’ve seen from the Great Snow Maze 2009 and the Underwater Expedition 2012. ALTHOUGH, if you were playing on Club Penguin in April of last year, you will realize that this is the SAME EXACT MAZE with the event that went on at the Dock called the Cave Maze!! Stop recycling parties Club Penguin! I do like the music though, but it was used last year, too.

In total, there are twelve underground rooms. They are the Maze Entrance, Final Room, Secret Room, and 9 maze rooms. All the maze rooms are exactly the same as last year.

Here’s the Maze Entrance. Be sure to pick up the Miners Helmet if you have yet to do so.


You can take a look at the Map on the side of the room for some assistance.



Ok, I included every maze room there is, and some paths overlap. Take a look:



I thought the aliens and penguin scripture on the wall was funny! It was there last year, too.

So, here’s the ultimate cheat guide for you if you want it, which is an overhead view of the maze (click to enlarge):


The box placed around the wall above is where the Secret Room is. Wear a hard hat, any color, and dance without anything else on. Drill until the wall breaks.



You have to admit this room is cool. It is playing the Herbert Style theme and the room was just added for fun. It returned from last year, and I’m glad it did!


Anyways, head to the finish of the maze:


Herbert will appear as an alarm sounds:



Here’s the Final Room:


Literally all you have to do is click on the plug to unplug it. Really Club Penguin?


The Director will appear immediately following.


Everyone can now receive the Power Fragment Pin and members can receive The Driller Outfit. These items were actually already obtainable even before you beat the maze by using the interface.


Ok, so now that is dismantled, I can relax in Herbert’s chair.


You can also waddle over to the Earthquake Driller from Mission 8 (Mysterious Tremors) to see the Director item pop-up at any time. Nice continuity Club Penguin!

And that’s just about it! I also want to talk about the interface updates, so let’s begin with that, too.

The second slide now includes an option to teleport to the Town and the free member items that are also in the Plaza.


The third slide has been updated with another teleport to the Plaza and to receive the EPF Awards from completing the maze. You did not even have to complete the maze to receive these items.


Well, I’m pretty sure most of us were disappointed by this so called “operation”. All of this hype to complete a re-used maze and pull a plug…I was expecting more of an Operation: Blackout sort of thing like in 2012…oh well. Next is the Puffle Party, hopefully it will be good.



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