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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though it was on Sunday, I would like to take a look back on Valentine’s Day events in Club Penguin.

In 2006, Club Penguin had a Valentine’s Day Party, although it was more of a celebration. Here’s some details:

  • It possibly started on Valentine’s Day 2006, however it is still unconfirmed.
  • It has been rumored that free items were given out at this party – the Red Sunglasses, Blue Sunglasses, and the Black Bowtie – however some Club Penguin support e-mails and other sources have said that there were no free items. Although, The Ultimate Guide to Club Penguin Volume 1 said there was a free item. It still is not known for sure.
  • Some rooms decorated included the Town (unconfirmed), Coffee Shop, and Dance Club.
  • In a post made by Billybob on February 9, 2006, he mentioned the party:

In other news: We will have some special decorations up for valentines day, but it won’t be an official party like the luau. We decided to spend more time on all this other stuff instead so we hope you understand.

Here are some pictures of the party:


Dance Club


The Dance Club in the Spoiler Alert Episode 10, where Club Penguin has the ability to change to any party they want on their screen.


The Dance Club during a Field Friday in 2014. Polo Field changed the party on his screen where he has the ability to change to any party he wants.


The Coffee Shop in the Spoiler Alert Episode 10, where Club Penguin has the ability to change to any party they want on their screen. Note the banner.

Moving on to Valentine’s Day in February 2007, Club Penguin added a Valentine’s Day postcard to the Postcard Catalog. Here’s a post from earlier that week when Billybob was talking about it:

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Penguins!

Many of you noticed the new friendship and buddy post cards that were added this month. Later today, we will roll out a special limited edition Valentines Day card. It will only be available today and tomorrow and then it will be gone until next year! If you’re not sure how to send a post card, click here.

In other news: This Friday we’re launching a brand new igloo design. I can’t give you too many hints right now, but I can say it is one of the “coolest” designs yet!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

The postcard was only available for a limited time, and it never returned since. It is not possible to still have it either because Penguin Mail was not introduced yet. The SWF was removed too for unknown reasons. Also, the igloo Billybob is talking about is the Ice Castle Igloo.

Here’s the catalog and the postcard from the time:



The image above was taken from a SWF in 2008, which the SWFs updates the year.

Other than those two Valentine’s Day related updates, the Spoiler Alert Episode 10 was somewhat Valentine’s Day themed in February 2014, where some of the above pictures are taken from. You can watch the video here.

Well, that’s it! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, even though it was two days ago.

Also Happy President’s Day! (which was yesterday)

Thanks to Trainman1405 and the Club Penguin Wiki for information and images.



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