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Herbert’s Laser Dance Party Begins!

Well, this was completely unexpected! Herbert P. Bear is throwing a party at the Snow Forts. According to this week’s Club Penguin Times, Gary suspects he meant to blast the island with lasers but somehow messed up so threw a dance party with the lasers instead. Well, let’s just go with that story line because this is Club Penguin logic we’re using here.

So, anyways, there is a new loading screen when logging in:


Once loaded, you’ll be greeted by Herbert. This is more of an event than a Club Penguin party.



Clicking “Go there” will take you to the Snow Forts. I landed there when I logged in, so I was already there. :P Rookie will then speak to you.


Here’s the Snow Forts, which is decorated nicely and simple:


If you waddle over to the box on the left side of the room…


…there are some free items for members!


I’m not a member so I get this:


Now let’s take a look at the interface:


On the first slide you can teleport directly to the Snow Forts and collect the free member items that are the same as above. The box with the lock on it is unlocked on Thursday.


The next two slides have more items and boxes with locks on it that will be unlocked at a later date, including EPF Rewards at the very end.



There are also some new emotes. They appear animated (besides the pizza), however when using them they are not. :\


Well, that’s pretty much it. This is the beginning of the main event of February, which there has been no clear signage of what it’s actually called. The interface says it is named Operation Tri-Umph, however I have heard the name Operation Doom, too. For now I guess I’ll just refer this event as “Herbert’s Laser Dance Party” until further information.

By the way, I think this is a cover up made by Herbert to fool everyone into thinking he messed up.

I am not doing a summary for this event right now either. I feel like Club Penguin operations have updates each week that lead to the end. So I will do the summary at the conclusion of this operation.

We will know a lot more when Club Penguin updates again next week! Stay tuned!



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