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Minor Club Penguin Updates

Along with the new catalogs and other updates today, there are some small updates.

There is a new homepage slide advertising the new items that have been released/will be this month.


There are also new advertising banners underneath the slides advertising the new Penguin Style Catalog and the EPF medals.


Plus, there is a new login screen, identical to the homepage slide.


The island is now back to normal as the UFO has FINALLY left Club Penguin and the Prehistoric Party has ended. Now I can sit at the picnic table again!


If you turn up your volume, you can notice that the UFO sound effect that was added to the Dock is still there…fix it Club Penguin! Does it annoy anyone else that the binoculars and telescope still have the Aurora lights from the Holiday Party, because it’s annoying me!

Anyways, I’m not sure if this is new or not, but I’m almost certain that this is a newly added page in the Treasure Book at the Gift/Clothes Shop.


And one last thing, on February 1, you should have received your paychecks if you are a Tour Guide and/or Secret Agent. I didn’t post about it!



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