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Club Penguin’s 3rd Prehistoric Party is Here!

This month’s party is now here! The Prehistoric Party has been released (NOT the Good Dinosaur Party!), with the last ones being in January 2013 and January 2014. Here are all the details.

When logging on, you’ll first notice the new loading screen.


Gary will talk to you once you enter a room.



Clicking “Go there” will take you to the Dock. You can enter the Time Trekker at the Dock…


It’s worth noting the overlapping snow mistake in the bottom right corner, it’s been there since last week.

…or you can click “Go There!” on the map to go immediately into the Time Trekker at any time.


Here’s the Time Trekker. Waddle to the right to enter prehistoric Club Penguin, or you can use the map while in here to go to the prehistoric rooms.


And you have reached B.C. time!


Water Place

There are 13 prehistoric rooms in all. The only main difference decoration wise from the last one is that they removed the Volcano rooms to obtain Dino Puffles. Here are all the rooms, including the one above.


Stony Town


Yum Yum




Tree Place


Tricera Town


Fancy Plaza


Rocky’s Pizza


Yuck Swamp


Hunting Spot


Tyranno Town


Ptero Town


Scary Ice (Where’d the shark go?)

The party mini-game Dino Dig has also returned! Instead of collecting Dino Eggs, however, now you are collecting fragments for the UFO’s power source.

To start, go to a Dino Dig spot, which are found in most of the rooms.


And here’s the game, which is very similar to Treasure Hunt but is not multiplayer.


You can check out the instructions by clicking the “?”, too.


Simple enough! Click which row/column you want to dig up, and try to find the power fragments and some coins for your penguin too.


Yay! I found a fragment plus 8 coins!


Sometimes, you will not find any, and you’ll get a message like this:


You still get to keep your coins though! The power fragments are being supplied to the UFO and can also be used to earn free items, with more on that below.

Now let’s check out the interface here…


…for the new items! The Rock Hard Hat is now available (does not have a special dance…) and you can check out the Penguin Style right from here, too.


The next page you can get the Prehistoric Beta Hat (cool!) and dig for power fragments to earn the other items. One is member, one is non-member.


And on the next page, the Dino-leather Shield is available and you need to dig for the other two items.


The rest aren’t available until a later date.




Also from here, you can adopt Dino Puffles. This time around, you do not need to dig up puffle eggs and bring them to the Volcano, you can just adopt them here. Some are unlocked later in the party.


Members can also transform into a (this year downsized) selection of dinosaurs! Of course I’m a non-member so I am not able to show you. :(


And now onto the map! When you’re in the prehistoric rooms or the Time Trekker, the map looks like this:


You can travel easier on the prehistoric island using this. There is also a button to send you to the normal Club Penguin Dock, a button sending you to a random room with a Dino Dig station, and you can access the Penguin Style from here.

Gary is waddling around too. You can see meet up times here. I’m not sure what background is being released, but it may be his Prehistoric version.

The Club Penguin app has been updated to version 1.6.14 to accommodate the Prehistoric Party. You can read more about it on Trainman1405’s website here.

And finally, there are three special emotes for the party.


That just about does it for the 2016 Prehistoric Party! Here’s a wrap up.


I actually don’t mind this party at all. Some are saying that it is too much like the previous ones, and while yes it is, it doesn’t really bother me since it’s been two years since the last one. I like the decorations and the prehistoric setting. I enjoy Dino Dig too, and I like how Club Penguin incorporated the party with the UFO launching, which I don’t think was their first plan since the Operation Crustacean was originally going to end on December 2. Usually I don’t like off the island parties either, but this one actually makes sense on why it’s off the island. I also think the storyline makes sense, which Club Penguin seems to have trouble doing nowadays. It is kind of a downgrade from the previous ones, however. The 2013 party included the Roar Score prizes and 12 dinosaur transformations by collecting eggs in Dino Dig. The 2014 party included the Digloos, some new rooms, Garugg the Ugg Ugg, and Puffle Eggs in Dino Dig hatching on the Volcano, as well as 12 dinosaur transformations from Dino Dig. (This year there are only 5 dinosaur transformations). Again, I’m not really complaining, but I can see why some people are. One thing I do miss though is the stony rock interface. I wonder why they got rid of that.

That’s all! Enjoy the party everyone, it’s on for two weeks, until February 4.



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